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Sichuan Yu Shifu Fish Bait co., Ltd was established in 1985.It changed its name from Jianyang Jieyue Feed Factory to Nonghuan Feed Factory in 1993. In2002, Itwasrenamed to Sichuan Nonghuan Bait Company. In 2013, it changed its name to Sichuan Yu Shifu Fish Bait Co.,Ltd. The company is located in Shiqiao Tianxing Industrial Park, Jianyang city.Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway (321national road) passes through its gate. It has an ascendant geographical location andconvenienttransportation. It is a collective private enterprises that is listed and protected by the government in Jianyang.

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The company began to develop Sichuan special small fishing drugs, commercial baits and base material series products in the early 1990s. It officially entered the Chinese bait market in 1995. It is one of the earliest bait enterprises in China. The company registered its trademark " Yu Shifu " in 2004. It is the first enterprise in China to develop and produce Sichuan special small fishing drugs. The products are sold all over the country and exported to Korea, Vietnam and Russia.

公司品牌 corporate brand

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The company has more than 100 products in 20 series of the major brands of “master yu”,“fish joy”,“yu’s lure product” high-end medicine. Thecompany always adheres to the enterprise spirit of serving fishermen wholeheartedly, and adheres to the concept of being the most competitive bait company providing value-added services for customers. After years of efforts to rapidly develop and expand, our company has the top domestic customer base, at the same time, our company has completed the strategic layout of taking sichuan as the center, radiating the whole country. The company imported a full set of foreign advanced bait research and development equipment,  hired a number of professional fish fishing researchers and folk fishing experts,  established the research and development center of sichuan master yu fishing bait with the company's formula holder Mr. Yu zhishui as the core, guaranteed that the company's products have reached the characteristics of catching fish quickly, keeping fish for a long time and high hook rate, reached the leading level in the industry.

公司技术发展 Company technology development

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In 2012, the company invested a huge sum of money to build a large modern factory covering an floor area of 24,000 square meters and a construction area of 14000 square meters. It also introduced a series of automatic production and packaging equipment, such as 4 production and packaging assembly lines for small fishing drugs and 3 automatic production and packaging assembly lines for bait. It realized the modernization of production, packing, automation and integration. In 2013, the company imported a full set of bait research and development equipment, hired a number of professional masters of fish food and folk fishing masters, founded a research and development center with company formula holder-Mr. Yu Zhishui, all of them ensured the company product and manufacturing process Quality, greatly improved the research and development ability of the company, ensured that the company's products are more specific, more practical and better continuity, achieved the characteristics of gathering fish fast, keep fishing together for a long time and high hook rate, reached the leading level in the same industry.

公司理念 company philosophy

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On the way of arduous development for more than twenty years ,  Sichuan Yu Shifu  Fish Bait Co.,Ltd  will always insist on the development ideas of seeking survival with quality, developing with product and winning the customers with sincerity ,and guide the development of enterprises with the quality policy of " higher quality, more perfect management, a greater degree of customer satisfaction " . It has established a good cooperative relationship and domestic and foreign merchants. We sincerely welcome calls from domestic and foreign businessmen for negotiation and on-the-spot investigation. The requirements of customers are our service tenet, we sincerely look forward to reaching a consensus with friends of all countries, win-win cooperation, building honesty and creating brilliance together.






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